Pure Zest C4 Membership Option

C 4

Co working Community Conference And Coaching


Zest up your business to the power of 4 and join our Pure Zest business community with our C 4 membership package for £44 per month.


Join our friendly community of business owners,  work alongside and network with other Pure Zest members both on and off line. Exchange ideas and information. Make use of the resource area or read a book.


The C 4 option has two 2  superb extra benefits over and above the C² package to supercharge your business.


The first added extra is 3 hours per month priority pre bookable use of the Pure Zest conference room giving you the opportunity to present your business, workshop skill, special offer etc to up to 20 people at a time. This is currently worth £30, for comparison the C²  membership option is £22 and  £10 per hour for use of the conference room if there is any availability.

You can also priority pre book further hours at the preferential rate.

The conference room can be laid out boardroom style, theatre style, coaches corner or casual standing.

You decide how and when you want to use your 3 hours. For example three one hour bookings each month or one three hour booking. Sit back and imagine how you could make use of this space for your business………….


The second extra benefit is a free 30 minute coaching call with the amazing Sharyn Coleman from Sharyn With A Why and a 44% discount from Sharyn’s standard coaching rates.

Please don’t underestimate the value of this call, use it wisely, it could be invaluable to you and your business. Before you book your coaching call with Sharyn think about what you would like Sharyn to cover with you. Write down your questions and have a notepad and pen ready before the call. You don’t want to miss any of the valuable information.


Of course you also get all the things included in the C² membership option:


Your own key to access the Pure Zest space from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.


Co-working space. Pop in for an hour or two and use a desk or the social area.

Book a desk for a whole or half day once a month. Meet, network with and bounce ideas off other members who may be there.


Discounted networking events.  Zestworking! Is currently held on the last Thursday of each month from 7 pm – 9 pm. The non members ticket price is £15 but members pay £5.


Virtual Office, you may use our address as your trading address, not your registered address.


Directory listing on our website.


Your events listed on the Pure Zest website.


You may promote your events and business on our public Facebook group.


Members only Facebook Group. Ask questions, find out what’s happening on the networking scene, engage with other business owners in our private Facebook group.


Unlimited WiFi. Much more private than sitting in a coffee shop.


Tea and coffee, can work out cheaper than sitting in a coffee shop especially if you have an appointment with a client or customer.


Free Parking, have you seen the parking charges in York?


Courtyard with seating area. Lovely sunny spot for coffee or  lunch, weather permitting of course.


Priority invitations to events, we let our members know first about events at Pure Zest and any networking or social events of interest.


*There is a one off  admin fee of £25, including a £10 key deposit, which is payable with your first months membership.


The next step is to make an appointment to view the Pure Zest space by simply clicking the link below.